This collection was inspired by my Granny, Mary Mcgee. She was an optimistic, glass half full person. “Que sera, sera”, what will be, will be, is a motto of hers that I live by today. I based this collection around these joyous views trying to inject some happiness into what has been a negative few years.

'Here Comes the Sun' was influenced by my Granny’s possessions, children’s Easter bonnets and Irish crochet lace collars. The longevity of these items encouraged me to look at zero waste design and the structure of these items. This collection has a high content of hand crochet and knit which are all efforts towards zero waste design. Waste produced by crochet and knit is minimal. Easter or straw hats are one long continuous strand of plait creating a structurally sound item. This collection showcases these traditional methods of garment making, crochet and plaiting, in a maximised form.

Siobhan Mc Cormack

Here Comes the Sun