Samanta Stochla


When I work, the whole world disappears and I become part of the world's totality, as the process of making becomes a dimension of prayer.
I am creating a visual prayer diary. Each page will be a collage of drawings, thoughts, poems and prayers about being open to what the everyday brings in the presence of God while at the same time reflecting upon my internal thoughts/ dialogue.
Selected pages of my prayer journey will be transposed into porcelain clay. The transparent nature of porcelain clay will allow me to purposefully allow transmission of light through the work to evoke the presence of spirituality. I am looking for alternative light sources to capture the feelings of the power of grace which radiates from God through people and me. I shall also use a lot of white in the completed works. In icon symbolism, white symbolizes the divine word, purity, innocence.

1. Dream
  1. Dream
2. I look into the city
  1. I look into the city
3. Thank you my Lord ...
  1. Thank you my Lord ...
4. Road to splendor
  1. Road to splendor
5. Step by step
  1. Step by step
6. Take care of yourself
  1. Take care of yourself
7. The word became flesh
  1. The word became flesh
8. Lord, all my paths are within you
  1. Lord, all my paths are within you
9. Prayer
  1. Prayer
10. At any time ...
  1. At any time ...