1 tbsp of political ideology
1 tbsp of random acts of hospitality
1 tbsp of primary research
400g of travelling abroad to a country focused on your research
400g of cooking
Add salt to taste

First find an ingredient that excites you. (For this recipe I have chose the tomato)
Accept random acts of hospitality. (For this recipe I went in search of immigrants and residents of Ireland who use the tomato in extraordinary ways)
Develop a political ideology.
Finely chop the ingredients to reveal the hidden reality of its production. (Bonded labour)
Add finely chopped ingredients to pot on medium heat, add political ideology, random acts of hospitality and primary research. Cook until it develops a bitter taste.
While this is cooking travel abroad to a country focused on in your research (for the purpose of this recipe I found myself travelling to Napoli, Italy to learn its cuisine in the restaurant, Trattoria Medina)
After arriving home combine the cooking skills you’ve learned from your job as a chef, random acts of hospitality and your chosen country to travel to.
Add 500g of each and stew until you have a project that tell the history and contemporary practice of your chosen ingredient.
This dish often results in a bitter palate resulting from reality, so add salt to taste.

Serve as a pop up restaurant in your chosen location

Rudi-lee Mc Carthy

Porto Aperta