'Ursa' is a conversation game for parents to communicate and articulate challenges and new experiences to their children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Parents often feel alone in their child’s diagnosis, and a lack of understanding and communication can have parents questioning “Am I doing enough?”

The game uses conversation cards for parents with guided responses based on their child’s answers. It also uses visual cards to create a storyboard for the experience of scenarios within the game such as making friends or hospital visits. The sound cards and physical components are used to prepare children for possible sensory overload they may experience.

'Ursa' helps parents achieve a level of understanding for their child. It also helps parents to navigate the difficult conversation of telling their child about their diagnosis when they are ready.

The name 'Ursa' embodies the quote by Dr. Temple Grandin “I am different, not less” with its reference to the stars in our sky. Stars all shine bright even though they are all in different places and stages of their lives. Each letter also represents key parts of my game.

Leah Griffin



Ursa - The break down