'Kurve' was inspired by many interviews and ongoing research on the disorder Fibromyalgia. Understanding the daily struggles these people endured, as well as understanding that every day is different for each fibromyalgia patient. On bad days, these patients are left at home, suffering from widespread pain. Many of these patients informed me about how difficult it is for them to stand up from the couch or bed. They are frequently left in need of assistance from family or friends.

'Kurve' is a unique lamp that also serves as a mobility aid rail. 'Kurve' strives to make a difference in people's lives and to eliminate the stigma associated with individuals who are less able bodied. 'Kurve' not only makes it easier to get out of a chair without the need for assistance from others. It also removes the stigma associated with the use of an aid rail in a person’s home.

Leah Deegan