As a child, I loved fairytales and all things make-believe. I truly believed I was a Disney princess. My family has always told the story of me lying on my nanny's fireplace pretending to be Snow White waiting for my Prince Charming to give me the kiss of life.

I have taken inspiration from my younger self's ideas and imagination and used it humorously as I reflect and laugh at my childish delusion. I wanted to take these funny memories I had of playing in my room and put a spin on them by manipulating old images of myself and editing them into a new fairytale world of my own.

These miniature worlds have been created to give off an eccentric and distorted effect. Colour is a driving force in my work, I use bright and flamboyant colours. I hope to express my early memories of life through collage, set designing, and digital manipulation.

Katie Mc Manus

Paper Princess