As a designer, I will continue to develop and improve by gaining new knowledge and skills, constantly challenging myself with new projects and aspects. I value users’ needs and safety through a human-centred design approach.

Safety on farms is often overlooked. A user’s main priority in the farming industry is getting the job done. This creates dangerous situations that users aren’t aware of. For example when mixing slurry, the top layer of the slurry breaks releasing invisible gases. Since they are invisible and can be extremely toxic at times, it causes users working in the area to breath in these toxins knocking them unconscious, or in some cases causing death.

'SlurrySafety' is an agitator attachment accompanied by a handheld sensor. This will provide the user with quicker agitating time and information on the toxins and nutrients within the user’s slurry. When toxic gases are present, the user will be alerted and will be given instructions on what to do when this event occurs, removing them from dangerous situations.

Kate Mc Kenna