‘Bursztynowy Pamiętnik’ is a body of work that emerged from collected fragments of memories,
images and experiences as an individual, pieced together using mixed media painting and
drawing to build and reimagine a visual space. The figures within my paintings face the
problems of identity. If you immigrated out of your country at a young age, which would you
identify with? For me, it’s an oddity of an in-between, not really belonging to either country, a
state of a cultural limbo. There's also a strange feeling of being nostalgic for something that
didn’t happen. For someone who is always daydreaming and in their own head, I have made up a
world for myself, consciously or not, and by painting these layered, ambiguous environments
they open up a window to allow revisiting and reflection.

Karolina Biedka

Bursztynowy Pamiętnik