Humans have a tendency to organise and build on their surroundings. As a species, we are naturally drawn to the act of accumulation. This work explores the diverse ways collecting takes place. I obtain this information by meticulously documenting and analysing. This is not a project about the pandemic, it is a project about a by-product of the current societal situation.

We are acutely aware of the passing of time, this work has made a point of keeping track of it. This daily ritual of collecting, organising and documenting has brought comfort and stability during a challenging period. Masks are unexpected artefacts which have appeared in our environments, but how long will they remain within the landscape? This work captures how an individual might engage in their surroundings as an observer.

Photography, working in a notebook and printmaking have offered different perspectives on these findings. The actions within this project are cyclical in nature, consisting of successive acts of dissection, classification, and timing.

Jennifer Kelly

Colligo - 19


Rampant Reminder

Rampant Reminder