“Sunday Best” is a menswear collection that has stemmed from my own personal experience of childhood and my personal style. Influential figures in our lives, such as parents and grandparents, have a massive impact on the people we become and the clothes we wear. I looked back to the era of the 1930s when my grandmother was born, taking inspiration for shape and silhouette from vintage childrenswear garments and patterns from that time. I also used the interiors and found objects from her cottage in Lusk for colour and fabric research.

With the collection, I wanted to reflect craft methods such as the “mend and make do” philosophy from the 1930s. It incorporates floral and pink check cottons that are reminiscent of the feed sacks and traditional aran knitting techniques. I see the collection as a modern day view of the traditional “sunday best”, celebrating how formal the children's clothing was at the time.

Jack Heffernan

Sunday Best


'Sunday Best'

'Sunday Best'