As part of 'The Change Lab 2021', we decided to look deeper into climate change – more specifically to look at the displacement caused by natural disasters. It soon became clear that climate change does not affect all people equally.

UN figures indicate that women are disproportionately affected by climate change, with women making up 80% of the 21.5 million people displaced by climate change. Those most susceptible to the impacts of climate change are the poor, the disempowered and the marginalised. Women make up the vast majority of this vulnerable group.

In response to this shocking reality, we created a piece of work highlighting the huge climate injustice facing women. 100 homes to visually make sense of the vast amounts of women displaced by climate change, and the disparity between the amount of women versus men affected. 80 homes are marked with a red “X” to represent the disadvantage faced by women.

Claire Malone

It’s not the disaster that kills you

Teaching Placements

St. Mary’s College, Naas, Co. Kildare
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