As I spend most hours of the day alone, especially in the mornings and at night, I often find myself feeling alienated, and this sense of alienation drives me to continuously document what I see, sometimes unknowingly. The memories I capture are indecisive in their subject matter, but recorded instinctively.

I obsess over these memories that would have been forgotten about unless recorded. Working this way captures the everyday; the predictable and the unpredictable. The moments I capture are miscellaneous in their nature, but veracious in reality. My paintings cement everyday memories in stone, and create an ode to the events that constantly happen as I move through life.

My work is everything and nothing, from my friends' sometimes antisocial behaviour to the passing by of pedestrians visualised from the top deck of a bus. Each image is equal and none have priority. The work captures the guilt and the innocence of my surroundings, and has become a pleasure of living.

Carl Hickey

From the Top deck of the Bus