As a designer, I am driven by the desire to create meaningful social interactions within disconnected environments. In my major project, I’ve set out to create a more positive experience for patients resident in a children’s hospital. During my research, I tracked the details of a patient’s hospital journey. Health is not all about medicine and procedures. A patient's mental well-being is part of their journey too. Support and engagement with others can create emotional bonds and reduce feelings of isolation within the four walls of the hospital.

'Bubblo' is a tangible communication device, offering a “walkie talkie” experience between patients in the hospital. By sending voice notes back and forth, with notifications announced with lights and bubbles, it creates moments of delight. Patients can form a meaningful connection with others, while engaging in fun, playful interaction.

A support group forms with this communication app, encouraging patients to find each other and connect outside the hospital setting. My design aims to create a friendly community for patients to connect with others in their bubble, uplift them in a time of need, and keep them smiling.