The concept of flexibility, both physical and metaphysical, permeates my work.

We never simply recover from an ordeal. We are never the same again. Our shape is always altered in some way; sometimes obvious, sometimes not. In recent years we have collectively changed and bent our ways of being in this world, on a practical level and a spiritual one in order not to break.

Paper, a simple, humble, familiar material, is manipulated and bent here in an unfamiliar and innovative manner to demonstrate that new ways of being are possible for this material and for us. The body of work takes the form of sculptural installation to provide the viewer with an immersive experience of embossed statements, wall-mounted sculptures, floor sculptures and a slow-motion, kinetic, walk-through installation.

The natural, muted colour palette and curved shapes aim to calm, soothe and slow us down. A reminder to bend, not break.

Áine Sreenan

Bend Don't Break