School of Fine Art

Sculpture & Expanded Practice

Rosie Cahill

Ian Costelloe Dunne

Shauna Farrell

Shauna Foley

Bill Harris

Mary Hoy

Amy Keighron

Anne Kenna

Haley McGuinness

Christopher Mc Mullan

Lauryn McNamee

Sara Melin

Megan Mulhall

Anthony O’Brien

Michael O Reilly

Rimiko Ogata

Holly Phelan

Ebba Radke 

Moya Rothwell

Abigail Sweeney

Holly Thornton

Steve Tracey

Patsy Tyrrell

The Department of Sculpture & Expanded Practice at NCAD has a reputation for producing exciting and innovative artists who, in a range of creative fields, go on to achieve successful and high profile careers.

What is Sculpture?

When something is sculptural it is different from something pictorial. Sculpture inhabits/ occupies space and you can usually look at it in the round, or it can surround you in an installation. In NCAD it is viewed as the creative language of space, time, structure and physical things that tell the world of its endless possibilities. The logic of sculpture emerges from touch, a feel for materials, from performance, theatre, cinema and architecture and an engagement with living environments. Sculpture’s poetic language is often made from elements that have been shaped by social and economic forces.

What is Expanded Practice?

Expanded Practice is an umbrella term for a wide range of diverse art practices that have become mainstream since the 1960s including land art, conceptual art, performance art, participatory and socially engaged art, sound art, the list goes on...