School of Design

BA Jewellery & Objects

Caroline Keegan
Lorna Keighron
Katherine McNamara
Leonie O’Gorman
Olivia Ronane Straeter
Aine Sreenan
Emilia Wojtowicz

BA Jewellery & Objects at NCAD embraces many different types of creative practice. Students are supported to develop the skills to pursue personal expression through the gallery market, or to forge a career in industry.

Jewellers are encouraged to create designs that challenge notions of the body, fashion, gender, and the environment. Students develop skills in working with metal and experiment with non-traditional materials, such as paper, textiles, and plastics. Object makers and silversmiths explore the interaction between materials and ideas, through the creation of domestic objects and products, exploring form, function and processes.

With its individual bench spaces, machine workshops and studio, the programme provides the perfect environment to experiment and explore in pursuit of personal expression. Our students are supported to develop a personal creative identity and proficiency in design and technique, and learn through a mixture of workshops, lectures, tutorials and, most importantly, through their own creative practice.