School of Design

BA Illustration

Brendan Atkins

Molly Canning

Guanyu Chen

Karl Coleman

Christina Collis Liquete

Dianne Denton

Tara Fetherston

Tara Fischetti

Ronan Foley

Sheema Gohar

Olwyn Erica Jennings (Joint Education)

Lieske Keegstra

Aisling Kelly

Niamh Kirby

Julie Lin

Tara Lynch

Harith Mohd Farid

Claire-Marie Moran

Thomas Oisín Morelli

Bonnie O’Halloran

Monika Sadkowska

Eva Vitkute

Illustration defies boundaries. It is a powerful tool for sharing stories, translating information, and communicating ideas. Far more than just drawing, it is an essential part of our language and a vital means of communication.

We recognise the impactful and versatile role illustration plays in shaping our perception and engagement with the world, and we empower our students to push the limits of the discipline and redefine its possibilities.

The BA programme takes a dynamic, critical, and questioning approach; where illustration serves as a catalyst for change and a powerful medium for shaping the world we live in.