School of Education

Joint (Hons) Education Design or Fine Art

Claire Brogan (with Painting)
Courtney Burke (with Painting)
Georgina Culbert (with Print)
Ciara Dooley Doyle (with Painting)
Ava Drennan (with Painting)
Miekaela Gill (with Painting)
Jennifer Hannon (with Print)
Brian Honner (with Media)
Emmet Kirk (with Print)
Hannah Lee (with Painting)
Brianna Marshall Crowe (with Applied Materials)
Aine Mc Bride (with Illustration)
Grace Mc Entee (with Painting)
Erin Mc Gee (with Print)
Ciara Mohan (with Illustration)
Mollie Murphy (with Print)
Alan Nugent (with Sculpture & Expanded Practice)
Aoibhinn O'Brien (with Painting)
Caoilainn O'Reilly (with Media)
Emma Patterson (with Painting)
Luke ‘Luje’ Pendelbury (with Applied Materials)
Kate Power (with Print)
Elaine Ryan (with Painting)

Do you want to be an artist or designer and also have an interest in becoming an art teacher? The crucial component in the concurrent BA (Joint Hons) in Fine Art or Design & Education is the interweaving of the student’s own art and design formation with the formation of their identity and practice as student art teachers.

The concurrent teaching and learning of the Joint Honours BA is designed to enhance the dual identity and the complementary practices of the student as artist/ designer and as teacher. The processes of thinking and learning, of making and imagining that are fostered in the studio, form the set of practices through which the student teacher will engage the learner in the school classroom setting.

The BA Joint Hons student can choose to study in any of the Departments within the Schools of Fine Art or Design alongside their engagement with the School of Education. This challenging programme offers a wide range of experiences from studio based learning to a range of school placements. The BA (Joint Hons) in Fine Art or Design & Education provides a professional teaching qualification to teach art in second level and further education. The qualification is recognised by the Teaching Council of Ireland and internationally.